300% pleasure... Happy Birthday !


Dispo: Mid Wide


icone cyrano noseNo coreicone mixtic camber 

After 20 years of shaping powder boards, to celebrate 10 years of the brand, we could only imagine the funnest, the most beautiful and best board we've ever made! The anniversary is a mix of all our best concepts for powder, a well drawn out Cyrano Nose, a Mixtic Camber, a double rocker made for big boards, our No Core bringing powerful support keeping a light core, all of this in a finely cut shape, kind of like an E-type Jaguar, racy and refined.


Birthday board, birthday price... It's our 10 year present !


The Anniversary 177 is a powder gun thought for freestylers, reactive and fun. That means every rider looking for a maneuverable and playful board will be suprised to see that

this 1m77 is part of that style usually reserved to freestyle boards. It floats, it flies, it never stops going faster when in powder, as light as a feather ! It is super maneuvrable and

playful carving on the slope or mini shredding (yes yes!), you will discover a real board made for powder! Launch yourself into any forest with ease, smash every windlip or nail

it with long turns in big open spaces. It keeps floating even going up hill so you can place le highest curves in a natural pipe! The sidewalls are the same length as a 157 board,

so really playful, with a 8m50 radius to carve all day. There's riding powder BEFORE having tried the Anniversary and riding powder AFTER having tried the Anniversary. You

won't believe it, until you've tried it..

Caractéristiques: - Size: 177 - Core: ashtree/poplar/carbon - Base: Ptex 4000 - Chants (side walls): 10°/45° - Camber: mixte (mixed) - Patin (waist width): 26 - Rayon: 8,50m - carre effective (edge): 120 - Set Back: 21 - Stance max: 69 - Boots 46 max